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Simulation Overview

Please watch this video on how WISE is practically organised.

Tabletop Exercise

In a tabletop exercise, the crisis management team is called together on a pre-announced date and time. What they do not know, however, is the scenario that will unfold. Through so-called 'injects', which can be situation reports, emails, phone calls, or even newscasts, the CMT is informed of simulated developments of a crisis situation. A 'simulation team' in another room controls these injects. The CMT members will then have to respond, live, as if it was real. Because it is a table-top exercise only, no real actions are taken, for example, they will not evacuate the building or activate a recovery site. However, they will say they will and give these commands to the simulation team, who will role-play several parties. Again, as if it was real!

WISE2015 was an industry wide table-top exercise where one central simulation team sent injects to all participating CMTs.