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WISE2015Portal Connectivity Test 

 *** 31 August 2015 ***

On 31 August 2015, a Portal Connectivity Test was conducted to ensure that the web portal was fully operational and accessible by all participants of WISE2015. 

The test ensured the readiness of the web portal for the WISE2015 on 9 October 2015. It was conducted to ensure that the web portal could handle 60-80 accounts concurrently. In addition, it made sure that all materials on the portal were accessible by all participants. 

Upon the completion of the test, all participants shall be confident that all contents of the web portal are fully functional and eligible for the actual exercise in October.


The purpose of the following documents is to outline the WISE2015 Portal Connectivity Test process.

Please click here to download the Connectivity Test Briefing.

Please click below to download the Connectivity Test Scripts and Report.