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WISE 2015 a Huge Success

After months of preparations WISE2015 was successfully held on the 9th of October 2015. The Crisis Management Teams (CMTs) from 25 financial institutions participated in the exercise and a team of more than 30 professionals worked behind the scenes to ensure the exercise ran smoothly. 

The WISE2015 scenario involved elements of physical, cyber, and information security and achieved its three primary objects:

1) Increase individual firms' familiarity with Business Continuity Plans (BCPs) and facilities.

2) Practice inter-bank and agency coordination, crisis communication, and crisis management skills.

3) Improve the resilience of the financial services industry in Hong Kong.

Immediate feedback from participants of WISE2015 was overwhelmingly positive. Participants also completed post-exercise evaluation surveys and the initial results are also very positive. A port-exercise report is being produced and will be made available to participating companies upon completion.

Behind The Scenes

WISE 2015 Taskforce 

Special thanks to the WISE 2015 Taskforce for making the exercise a success; all the workstream and command centre staff volunteered their time and were invaluable to the success of the operation. 

The WISE 2015 Taskforce expresses sincere gratitude to all panel members and special guests for their support and attendance at the many events that lead to the success of WISE2015. Special thanks to PwC for the venue on the day and to all the individuals and organizations that have helped us throughout the process.

Photos Shots

First hand photos from the Command Centre

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