Hong Kong Financial Services 
​​Business Continuity Management Forum

First Facilitator Briefing

The first briefing for registered participants was held 22nd August 2017. This was both a chance for participants to understand more on readiness for the exercise in October and also to gain insight in to best practice in Crisis Management. Willem Hoekstra, Chair of HKFSBCM opened the session with a reminder of the objectives of WISE 2017, and Control Risks led the briefing with a session on 'Crisis Management - "The Contemporary Challenge and a Health Check".

A number of useful tools were presented during this session, and these, as well as all other materials presented are provided below.

Second Facilitator Briefing

The second briefing for registered participants was held 9th October 2017. The purpose of this session was to prepare the Facilitator for their role; introduce the portal for delivering injects, run through the scenario and discuss logistics for the exercise.

The materials to support this session are below.


The delivery of WISE depends on the expertise of the Facilitator, who will work with each Crisis Management Team. Their purpose is to ensure the Crisis Management Team has access to the technology needed to participate in the exercise, organize the logistics, and during the exercise to ensure the Crisis Management Team gets the most learning from the experience. They do not help the Crisis Management Team to respond, but do ensure they stay focused, and that the scenario does not leak in to the 'real world'.