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WISE 2019 

On October 18th 2019, the third industry wide simulation exercise was conducted. 42 financial institutions participated, practicing their response to a pandemic and subsequent impact from an opportunistic cyber attack, strengthening the resilience of this world-class financial services centre. 

Click here for more details, and here to view the final WISE 2019 report.

Good-bye to outgoing HKFSBCM Chairman Willem Hoekstra 

After 8 years of active involvement as chair of HKFSBCM, Willem Hoekstra stepped down as Chair during the April 2019 monthly meeting. You can read his good-bye speech here


In February 2019, Ben Wootliff of Control Risks presented the 2019 Global Risk Outlook, listing the top-5 major concerns.

In January 2018, Adam Harbord of OnSolve-SendWordNow demonstrated how their product makes them a leading provider of on-demand alerting for urgent communication.

In November 2017, Graeme Orsborn of EverBridge presented how this enterprise software application helps automate the delivery of critical information to help keep people safe and business running.

In October 2017, HKFSBCM organised a visit to the Hong Kong Exchange (HKEX). The forum was able to see the trading floor before its closure as part of renovations. 

In September 2017, a 35 head strong delegation of HKFSBCM visited Cathay City, and more specifically the crisis command centre of Cathay Pacific.

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The Hong Kong Financial Services Business Continuity Management (HKFSBCM) Forum’s membership is open to individuals who are employed by, and hold responsibility for Business Continuity Management or a related risk discipline in Financial Sector firms that are involved in the banking and/or securities industry with a presence in Hong Kong and/or Asia.

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The Hong Kong Financial Services Business Continuity Management (HKFSBCM) Forum is a group of senior BCM professionals employed in a wide cross-section of firms in the banking and securities industry. The Forum aims to collaboratively address the concerns of business continuity in the industry. The Forum holds monthly meetings where members discuss current affairs, looming threats, regulatory requirements and best practices in the areas of Business Continuity Management and Crisis Management. Relevant experts and organizations, such as Hong Kong Electric, Thomson Reuters and International SOS, are often invited. In addition, the Forum conducts BCM-related industry surveys and benchmarking. The forum organizes industry-wide exercises. The Forum facilitates connection of members - when a real crisis occurs, members know to find each other. As shown during the Occupy Central protests and various virus threats, the Forum helps to share information and align approaches of different firms.


about us

Industry group for BCM Professionals

Following its informal existence, the former Hong Kong Financial Services Business Continuity Management Forum (HKFSBCM), also called the "Forum", was founded in 2011 as a self-initiated group of passionate and experienced BCM professionals in the banking industry. In 2014, the Forum was renamed to HKSFBCM and registered as a Society in Hong Kong, in order to support future initiatives and projects. In 2018, HKFSBCM Ltd was filed with the Hong Kong Companies Registry.  

​HKFSBCM's mission is to provide a high-performing platform to facilitate business continuity information exchange, and to allow members to jointly work together to address BCM concerns in the financial industry in Hong Kong and elsewhere. Currently, HKFSBCM has around 25 corporate members, including some of the world's largest names in the financial industry. The Forum holds monthly meetings where members meet to discuss key and the most current topics in financial industry BCM. Other major activities include conducting industry surveys and benchmark exercises, exchanging BCM information, collaborating with third parties including regulatory bodies and service providers, and coordinating joint exercises and industry-wide initiative.

Board members of HKFSBCM are elected to volunteer their time and efforts to administer and govern the Forum, and to lead it to achieve its mission. ​In addition to the Board, HKFSBCM forms special task forces, committees and working groups to focus on particular major initiatives, projects and topics.

Board Members

Current Board Members (as of 2021)

Chair                    Hozefa Badri (HSBC)

Vice Chair            Leigh Farina (HSBC)     

Treasurer             Etta Lo (Societe Generale)  
Secretary             Margaret Goodchild (HSBC)

Board Member    John Chan (Morgan Stanley)

Board Member    John Moore (BUPA)

Board Member    Fred Miranda (Citibank)




Hong Kong Financial Services 
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