Hong Kong Financial Services 
​​Business Continuity Management Forum

Whole Industry Simulation Exercise 2022

WISE 2022

Whilst WISE is typically conducted every 2 years, which should have led to a simulation being held in 2021, the industry was focused on the response to COVID-19. The purpose of the industry simulation is to practice the response to a threat affecting the whole industry and COVID-19 allowed crisis management teams to invoke their response to a genuine incident, negating the need to exercise.

However, COVID-19 is only one of many threats the industry must plan for, and collectively, the business continuity community determined further exercising is needed in 2022.    

Request for Proposal

HKFSBCM invites proposals to oversee and operate the 2022 Whole Industry Simulation Exercise on behalf of the industry. Further details are contained in the Request for Proposal.

Bidders are requested to notify wise@hkfsbcm.org by 15th February 2022 of their intention to submit a proposal. Proposals are requested by 28th February 2022.